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Preparing Ourselves for the New School Year (Sep 2009)

Looks like the start of our new school year is right around the corner – are you prepared?

You may quip back, ‘Prepared for what?’ Well last time we spoke I told of my uplifting experience in visiting my children’s school. I want you to experience the same feeling too. One thing I did notice was the curiousness of the girls in the class. The Techbridge website reports our girls losing interest in math and sciences as focus grows with boys being the tinkers and computer geeks of the house.

If you have a beloved daughter, niece, etc… that exhibits the same technical interest as you did at her age – please encourage them to continue. The girls are an untapped resource in our nation’s intellectual capital. Let us dedicate some time to channel our patriotism in the developing the country’s technological base. Historically, scientist and engineers held a revered place in society – why should we hide? Maybe we are the solution for maintaining the position of global leadership in technology. Remember, we are the hands that pass the torch to the bright, future engineers occupying our local elementary schools.

The DiscoverE website, offers a plethora of tools to assist your impact when visiting schools this year. Our renewed DiscoverE/K-12 Student Outreach program is here to help you implement your ideas by assisting you in contacting teaching staff, selecting the right tool or finding volunteers. Feel free to contact me anytime at myreon_smallwood@yahoo.com .




Contact Info:

Cell: 215.880.4094

Email: DiscoverE@pspe-philly.org

Website: http://www.pspe-philly.org/k-12/k-12.html


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Below are some other programs that need your support. Please call me if you are interested in volunteering, need more information or would like to start a PSPE structured program using these resources.

Boeing and NASA offer grants for FIRST robotic competition. The applications are available Sept. 15 through mid-October. I am waiting for more info.

Programs through the Philadelphia School Board

Contact: Velda V. Morris, M.Ed/ (215) 400-4130/ vmorris@philasd.org


  1. The Philadelphia Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (BEST)

Grade Level - For middle and high schools

Date: Sep 26 to Nov 7, 2009

Location: High School of the Future

Message excerpt from V. Morris (Hub Director) – “… robot performance and oral presentation judges and mentors are … needed for the Philadelphia Boosting

Engineering, Science, and Technology Hub Robotics Competition, November 7, 2009, High School of the Future.

More info: http://www.robotevents.com/

  1. Philadelphia FIRST LEGO League (FLL)

Age Level – 9 to 14 years

Date: Last Saturday in January (registration open May to Nov)

Location: TBD

Excerpt from FIRST LEGO League’s website – “No matter what the child’s subject interest, FLL offers an opportunity for engagement. Whether it is by creativity, technology, or research, FLL dares kids to test, explore, expand, or completely change thoughts and approaches for different sciences each year.

More info: http://www.usfirst.org/community/fll/

  1. Greater Philadelphia Sea Perch Challenge

Grade Level - For middle and high schools

Date: April

Location: TBD

More info: http://www.coe.drexel/seaperch



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