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The Global Melting Pot (Feb 2010)


President Obama set forth an agenda for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professionals to help K-12 teachers develop our future technology base. I reached out to my children school, as chair of the PSPE Philadelphia K-12 Outreach Program, to join this movement.


This was a good opportunity to follow up on a call to the Home and School president, Ms. E. She told me about a site with information on the STEM Education Coalition and gave me the Google search key used to find it. I could here her tapping the keyboard and clicking the mouse as I explained more details about PSPE Philadelphia chapter’s K-12 outreach vision. I did not know my long windiness was an invitation to continue online research on the STEM Education Coalition. Ms. E let out a sigh which enabled me to take a break in my solo dialogue.


"I can not find out who is the focal for this Coalition", she said in an exasperated tone. My new experience with systems engineering came to mind. The system engineering team provides the catalyst for synergistic efforts between various groups within our company. Yes, there must be a third party coordinating this effort between the STEM professionals and educators - but who. "Ms E", I asked, "who controls Federal funding to city schools?" She thought about it and told me it had to be someone at the state level.


I replied, "Try to look for a third party vendor submitting proposals to, either the state or local federal office, for liaison services to teachers and STEM professionals ." She said she would look into to it and get back with me. Here we were looking for a resource to help us get the best out of our collaboration - by collaborating on finding the resource.


By just reaching out to K-12 teachers and administration, STEM professionals begin to develop relationships that will ultimately benefit the youth. Imagine a duo with the compassion and creativity of the educator and the corporate and technical skill sets of the STEM professional - both nurturing our children.


What an incredible team to develop the best minds of our future.




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