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Looking For Success in 2010 (Jan 2010)


What a great year! The PSPE Philadelphia Chapter answered the call of NSPE, public officials and citizens to begin a concerted effort in reaching our K-12 students. This year looks more promising than ever.


I ran into an old friend at an annual religious gathering last month and to my surprise he was running for a local political office. I seized the opportunity to tell him of this great program I am currently chairing and all the wonderful and inspirational people I have met during way.


He was very interested in supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) career mentorships, STEM professionals adopting K-12 schools and our participation in Career Days at these institutions.


He agreed that guiding a young professional through our specified fields of engineering will enable them to avoid challenges that we once encountered. The mentor/mentee relationship also avails the mentor to new advances in their field since the junior is inundated with contemporary opinions and reports.


We talked about how supporting my ala mater’s BEST Robotics competition enabled me to see the present quality, some 20 years later, of my High School. Also how I witnessed the unsung heroes, like Joe Cunningham, who teaches during the day and afterhours opens the world of science and technology to our children.


I continued and told him about those bright and curious faces I encountered during the Career Day at my children’s school. This, my friend told me, is the ultimate way to pull our young minds into science and technology. When you visit the schools make sure you let them know that they will be you standing where you are at, in front of the same bright and curious faces.


My friend educated me on the importance of knowing the right people and keeping them in my circle, along with having heartfelt sincerity when garnering support for endeavors. I truly appreciate the PSPE board, especially Jason Schmoyer, P.E, Fredric L. Plotnick, Ph.D., Esq., P.E. and Abraham El, EIT for encouraging to go forward in Teacher’s Awards nominations.


Large organizations, as with the Philadelphia School, require many a phone calls and emails to locate the right person to reach those needed to submit nominations.


In 2010 use your unique position as an engineering to support our K-12 students and teachers. You will find a little time will bring lasting joy and happiness.




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