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The Global Melting Pot (Mar 2010)


Last month I stepped into the unknown. A place where rumors float serenity but lying eyes say otherwise. I received acupuncture.


I cautiously walked into a Chinatown herb store and followed the escort to the back. The doctor, lets call him Dr. K, first rubbed down my back with a lot of alcohol. He reached in a box and pulled out pins, one at a time, removing plastic wrap and inserted them into pre-mapped points in my back. At minimum it was two at each shoulder, two on each side of the lower back and one below the base of the skull.


The whole time I was face down, looking in the darkness of a soft hoop pad where I rested my forehead, breathing through the center cushion. One at a time I heard the plastic being removed and feeling his finger pressing at an entry point on my skin. Oh, I only a felt the pinch of a few, but nothing like a vaccine shot. Pretty painless until I felt two thin wires brush against my back and the tug on the two needles at the shoulder blades. I heard a hard click and a burning surged raged the upper part of my back.


Wow, 30 minutes of electrical current. I was upset the first couple of minutes but while enduring I contemplated what was happening. The merging of Eastern medicine and Western physics. How much more ‘American melting-pot’ can you get. Batteries were found in the Pyramids of ancient Egypt, and the Chinese discovered the bodies meridian points eons ago. The website itmonline.com dates ‘Electro-Acupuncture’ to early in the 20th Century. It sure took long to marry these two technologies.


Our nation invites people from all around the world. Culture remedies are passed down through generations from grandparent to child. Let’s remember to embrace all sciences, from all origins. Developing our youth to look for opportunities to synergize with their global peers will surely lead to great breakthroughs in American science.




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